Premier Facet Rough Provider

Since 1980, Tom Schneider has been selling gem rough to cutters, both the hobbyist and professional alike. Today, he travels the globe in search of the finest gem rough available so he can offer it to you. Shop our extensive inventory of facet rough, rough parcels, select rough, and mineral specimens. You can shop by the carat similar to our in-store experience by going to our facet rough collection.

  • Facet Rough

    Browse through our plentiful collection of facet-grade gem rough. Listings are priced per carat, so be sure to adjust the quantity when adding items to your cart.

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  • Rough Parcels

    Shop bulk facet-grade rough parcels to take your passion to the next level. Stock up and save when you buy rough parcels from TMS Gems.

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  • Select Rough

    Shop our best stones in inventory, selected for superior weight and desirability. Listings are sold individually. What you see is what you get.

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  • Mineral Specimens

    Explore highly sought-after mineral specimens for your collection. These breathtaking natural occurrences are lifetime treasures and fascinating curiosities.

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  • Fine Cut Gemstones

    Here is a sample of our extensive collection of Fine Cut Gemstones. Thomas M Schneider has been selling some of the best finished stones to the gem a jewelry industry for 40+ years. Check out our amazing selection.

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